COVID-19 Policy Update (25.03.2021)


We want you make you aware of some changes and updates to our COVID policy. Please take a moment to read through them below.




Clinic Team

All members of the clinic team (receptionists and practitioners) are required to wear a face covering around all common areas of the clinic at all times. This does not include the kitchen area, which is deemed as a “staff area”.


Certain exceptions apply:

  • In the event of an emergency, whereby someone’s physical or mental well-being (e.g., a fall or panic attack) requires immediate action - a mask, unless otherwise already applied, is the secondary priority.
  • Reception staff when seated at the reception desk. This is due to food/beverage allowances and clear and concise communication between reception and patients – both in person and on the telephone.

N.B. If, however, a member of public politely asks the reception team to wear a face covering whilst they are being dealt with at the reception desk, then the receptionist must oblige to the request.


Members of Public

All members of public are required to wear a face covering around all common areas of the clinic at all times, unless exempt face wearing a face covering – in which case please ensure your exemption lanyard and/or badge is visible to other members of the public.


At the discretion of the practitioner, you may remove your face covering when in the treatment room. This is acceptable for purposes related to the treatment (for example having treatment for TMJ, head, upper neck etc.)


Personal Space


Please ensure that you give other members of public enough space around the clinic as some patients may be still considered “high risk” (cancer patients, immunosuppressants etc.). This applies to the entirety of the clinic, however, please be extremely considerate in the corridor between the waiting area and reception room as well as the staircase.


Please be respectful of others personal space in and around the clinic. Politely inform others that you would like to get to something (e.g., the toilet or the water machine).


Please try to not pose an obstacle to others in and around the clinic – this will ensure a peaceful environment for all.




Feel free to use the numerous sinks, soap and hand sanitiser around the clinic.




The clinic is vented, so there is a continuous flow of air throughout the clinic, regardless of COVID.


The clinic is in fact a clean and sterile clinic environment, irrespective of COVID. Our cleaning protocols around the clinic and between patients has remained the same since the start of the pandemic as the team hold themselves to the highest standards.


We simply ask you to communicate politely with others during your visit, and respect others around you.


As a team, we would like to thank you for your continued support over the past year. There is no denying that it has been a challenge, but we are pleased that we have been able to help so many people in need when the NHS services have been stretched and limited.


Ben, Rachel & the b2 Chalfont Clinic Team