It can help with difficult and distressing life events, or a person may have underlying feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction.


aka. "talking and listening"

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We all go about our lives busily doing the things we need to do, filling our minds with the tasks, concerns, stresses and strains of day to day living, planning and surviving.



The Counsellor, on developing a deeper understanding of you, will work with you – listening, encouraging and empathising but also challenging your thought processes and patterns of behaviour to help you better understand yourself, see your situation in a clearer or different way and find your own coping mechanisms and resolutions.


Most people seek counselling for reasons such as emotional, psychological distress and  relationships concerns. It can help with difficult and distressing events life, such as bereavement, divorce, health issues or job concerns. Or a person may have more general underlying feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction with life.




Talking to a professional counsellor about the stress and anxiety in your life can have an amazing therapeutic benefit. They will listen and guide you in a safe, non-judgmental setting to help the light at the end of the tunnel seem much nearer and brighter than you think. Using integrative counselling techniques; negative thoughts and emotions will be challenged so you learn healthier and more positive ways of coping with difficult situations.



Relationships run through the fabric of our lives every day. Whether they are intimate, professional, social or amongst complex family networks. They take hard work to maintain and often life’s challenges add additional stress and strain to even the strongest of ties. It can be hard to look closely and realistically at the inner workings of what is happening and why as we are too close to a situation. Having a professional counsellor to listen and understand will help you look at things in a more objective, constructive way.



Sadly, we will all suffer loss at some stage of our lives. Whether it is from a losing a job, a beloved pet, a distant relative or someone that we feel we could never live without. How we cope with this loss depends on many factors. Sometimes, our world immediately feels like it is collapsing. Other times, we carry on and seem to cope well until the smallest and seemingly most insignificant event leads us into deep despair. Understanding the bereavement process and how to handle it is something that counselling can help you with.

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